Husk Brunch

It's Thursday , so I'm obviously thinking about my weekend. And because I'm a 29-year-old woman, when I think about the weekend, I'm trying to decide where I want to go for brunch. I have no shame about this fact. And I bet you love brunch too, so let's stop pretending that acting like you aren't also obsessed with brunch makes you a cooler person. Because really, you're just lying to yourself.

Now that we've squared that away, there's a new brunch spot in town that you MUST check out. It's a little place called Husk. This weekend will be their 3rd weekend of serving brunch, and it's truly a game-changer. 

Lucky for me, my friend had the same idea and was brunching at the same time as me. She's friends with the chef and was getting plate after plate, sent to her table. And then texting me under the table to come try a bite of this and that. So I feel confident in my assurance to you that the entire menu is phenomenal, and you cannot order wrong.

But here's a breakdown of what I did eat and nibble on. 

To start, they bring you a basket of Swamp Rabbit roles flecked with sesame seeds and a pat of their housemade butter. We sipped on bloody Marys made with their own bloody Mary mix. Briny, tomatoey, hair of the dog. After eyeing their mimosa across the room at my friend's table, it looks like the perfect ratio of juice to champagne. Ratios are important people!

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Then the real starters come. We went with the deviled eggs and the biscuits and gravy. Can you say deviled eggs are beautiful? This is my blog, so I'm going to say that. They were beautiful and tasted even better. The perfect plate for sharing...or not. Next up were the biscuits and gravy. And let me just tell you, if you can see the biscuit under the gravy, you are doing it wrong. Get your life together immediately, and pour some more gravy on there. This was a solid starter, and I'm not going to lie to you, I started to feel full. Maybe I'm the one who needs to get my life together?.... I digress.

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Now, the entrees all looked delicious, so ordering was a challenge. Actually, the challenge was getting my mom to order what I wanted her to order so that I could try the 2 items I was drooling over on the menu. But as someone experienced in manipulating my dining partners, it worked out in my favor. I went with the chicken fried steak, and my mom, as I planned, went with the omelet. 

The omelet I made my mom order was ridiculously soft and creamy. Presented so beautifully, with a soft and delicate middle like omelets should be. I mean, there is even an egg foam on top... who thinks of these things??!! IT. WORKS. It was just so creative and gave the dish that little extra to push it over the top from good to GREAT. It's definitely a lighter choice if that is what you're looking for from your brunch. Full disclosure: I'm not.

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The chicken fried steak was perfect. It was paired with a hash brown and peppadew relish. The coating on the steak wasn't too thick, but just enough to give you that fried taste to let you know you aren't eating something healthy. And that's what brunch is all about, IMO. Of course, the fried hashbrown with peppadew is the perfect side. I only wish I had like two more of them. 


I can say that I also had a bite of the burger, another item I was eyeing. I was admittedly intimidated by the two patties that come on it, but after further inspection, I think it's totally doable. The patties are not super thick and have that delicious caramelization on the outside from a hot griddle - but I'm just like guessing on this, so don't quote me. I snuck a bite of my friend's and can assure you that the burger is a solid choice, if not THE THING you need to try on the menu. 

As I said before, you can't go wrong with Husk's brunch menu. Any of their menus actually, dinner and drink included. So do yourself a flavor (see what I did there?) and get in that reservation this weekend. Take all the photos, enjoy all the bites, and tag me so I can see!

Christen Clinkscales