Friday Fave - Caffeine Addicts Anonymous

For this week's Friday Fave, I'm mixing it up a bit in order to tell you about a really cool experience starting on January 12th in Greenville for you coffee addicts out there.

From Greenville History Tours, which brought us amazing experiences like the Greenville Breakfast Tour, At The Chef's Table Tour, Greenville BBQ Trail Tour, comes a new class: The International Coffee Course. Did you just read that in a deep movie trailer voice or was that just me? Just me. Okay. Moving on then. 

 Picture provided by Greenville History Tours

Picture provided by Greenville History Tours

I was lucky enough to attend the International Coffee Course last Friday, and it was truly a great learning experience. I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not, and this course pretty much solidified that I'm as basic as they come when it comes to coffee. I'm the girl who tried as many pumpkin spice lattes this fall as possible (with almond milk, because, health, obviously). So that's the level of knowledge I was working with when I stepped into Le Petit Croissant last week for Vincenzo's class. 

Growing up in Naples, Italy, Vincenzo Antignani developed a deep love for coffee, and his background in biology makes him the perfect guru to lead you through the magical world of coffee. Throughout the hour and a half course, we got to learn about the different types of beans used to make coffee, their flavor profiles and also got to sample them to distinguish the differences for ourselves. And yes, there is cream and sugar provided for those of us who can't handle the taste of straight black coffee!

As a palate cleanser, in between sections of the course, Vincent Caradonna of Le Petit Croissant provided some delicious truffles and spoke a little about the similarities between chocolate-making and coffee-making. 

I can't say that I left with a newly defined and elevated palate when it comes to coffee. I will probably still order my usual from the coffee shop around the corner from time to time. But, I did, however, come away with a newfound appreciation for my favorite morning beverage. And I plan to definitely look into experimenting with grinding my own coffee beans when I finally get around to buying some sort of coffee brewing system for my apartment. Because adults brew their own coffee at home right? 

Greenville History Tour's International Coffee Course begins
January 12th and is held on Fridays from 6:30 - 8:00 pm
at Le Petit Croissant in Downtown Greenville.
Purchase tickets here.