Breakfast with Greenville History Tours

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they say. Well, I don't know who 'they' are but I think they're my kind of people because I LOVE breakfast. And what's not to love? Eggs, biscuits, gravy, BACON, grits (with cheese or enough butter to block all your arteries of course) ... the list goes on and on. In my five years in New York, when it came to breakfast, the bagel was king. But there is something about that typical southern breakfast that just feels like home to me.

John Nolan of Greenville History Tours saw the recent outcropping of breakfast destinations around downtown Greenville and created the brand new Breakfast Tour to highlight them. On the tour, you will visit three local establishments and try a dish at each one. I was lucky enough to go on one of the first tours and eat three breakfasts, all before 9:30 am. It was hard, but I did it, for the 'gram, for you. 

Our first stop was at Famous Toastery, a new spot located downtown (in the old Two Chefs location) serving up delicious dishes for breakfast and lunch. They brought us the Instagram-worthy Avocado Benny and a bowl of buttery grits. GREAT way to start out the tour with some stick-to-your-ribs goodness. I don't know about y'all, but I love digging straight into an avocado. This one is topped with an egg (whatever way you like it), melted pepper jack cheese, and pico de gallo. Take a picture, post it to Instagram, #drooling. 

 Avocado Benny

Avocado Benny

Our second stop, and one of my favorite breakfast spots in Greenville, was Biscuit Head. If I'm being totally honest, this was probably my first time stepping into Biscuit Head without a raging hangover, because, let's be honest, this place is a hangover dream! Biscuits as big as a cat's head, gravy flights, bacon of the day, a jam-bar and delicious coffee?! Cures mine every time. For this stop, they got really creative and went off-menu for us. We were treated to a grilled chicken biscuit with avocado and mango salsa, a poached egg with lime zest, and a lime crema. It was definitely a departure from the hangover-curing gut bombs that they typically have - which are delicious in their own right. I tried my best to show some restraint and not polish off the whole plate, but I failed.

Our last stop of the morning was at an unassuming shopping center off Augusta Road (Street, whatever, I can't debate this now) to LeGrand Bakery. While this French bakery is definitely not new to the Greenville scene, it was new to me and I'm sure, some of you as well. I walked inside and was immediately drawn to the cases full of delicious treats and loaves freshly baked baguettes. It is carb paradise, and I'm not mad about it. We sat down to hear the owners talk about their bakery, how they found Greenville, and describe the little treats in front of us. By this point, I was feeling full but persevered because I'm a professional. As to be expected, the treats were delicious and the sweetest way to cap off a morning.

I left to head back to the office, full and satisfied, but in need of a nap which I, unfortunately, couldn't take because I'm an adult. A big 'thank you' to John and my fellow Breakfast Tourists for making my Tuesday morning wonderfully delicious!

Greenville History Tour's Breakfast Tour officially starts on August 15th
and will run every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:30-9:15 am.
They also offer other tours - read more about those here.