Friday Fave - The Old Skool Burger at LTO Burger Bar

Monday I put my burger eating (stretchy) pants on for the Friends and Family Night at the newest burger spot in Greenville, LTO Burger Bar, which officially opened on Tuesday. This fun and creative burger bar - featuring out of this world milkshakes and boozy slushies - is located in the former Dive N' Boar location. Full disclosure: I never made it over to Dive N' Boar - I KNOW! I'm the worst foodie ever and you should just stop reading this because I'm so ashamed! But please keep reading because I crave the attention and admiration of all my foodie friends and fans. 

LTO's menu is seriously drool-worthy, with ridiculous burger and 'almost burger' toppings that include French onion cream cheese, devil on horseback jam, sloppy joe chili, and peanut butter - yes, you read that correctly, PEANUT BUTTER. I plan on going back soon and eating all the things in order to give you a rundown of my faves - and then I'll hit the gym for two-a-days for the next three months. 

 The Old Skool Slider and house-made chips

The Old Skool Slider and house-made chips

But for this evening, they stuck to the classic - the Old Skool burger - served in slider form. I wish I could tell you how many of these I consumed but I lost count and am also afraid you'll judge me. So let's just leave it at, "I had enough of them to equal a full sized burger and prob a little more." This little guy, like their fll-sized burger, was topped with root beer caramelized onions, American cheese, and 1K sauce. The full burger will also come with, shocker!, lettuce, tomato, and onion. This slider packed a serious punch. I, along with some foodie friends, knew there was something special about them onions - and then we realized what it was the root beer. WOW! Paired with their 1K sauce - which I totally dripped on my shirt, shocking, I know - this burger is perfect! Run, don't walk over there y'all. And then definitely run home so you burn off all the calories you ate... #worthit!

I had so much fun at the preview night and cannot wait to get back over there! 

LTO Burger Bar is located at
2541 N. Pleasantburg Dr.
Greenville, South Carolina, SC 29609