Friday Fave - euphoria's Tapas and Tinis

One of the first events I attended after moving back to Greenville from New York last year was euphoria. I got my first taste through volunteering for a couple events during the weekend where I was fortunate enough to meet and work with some talented chefs and get a feel for what a weekend of euphoria was like. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed and extra excited to see what they had to offer in 2017. 

Last weekend I attended their Tapas and Tinis event at the new event space in Greenville, The Rutherford. Food, alcohol, a band that played all the throwback hits, and people all dressed up and fancy - it was a rocking good time! The badass women of euphoria knocked this one out of the park, despite the torrential downpour that occurred right in the middle of the evening. I know right?!!! But we didn't let that rain on our parade...errr party. Alcohol really does fix everything, y'all.

Now to the food. DUH! That's why you're here! There were quite a few different dishes offered by Performance Food Service but I have to say that the best bite of the night was the Buffalo Shrimp Roll. This buttery roll was topped with buffalo shrimp, creamy smoked blue cheese, celery, and pickled okra. I may have gone back for seconds, thirds, fourths,... and that's all I'm comfortable sharing with you at this time. Their signature drinks were also so delicious and went down way too easily. They had the refreshing Strawberry Tart-Tini and the Bourbon Smash. We also won't mention how many of them I consumed... I took an Uber though, people. Drink responsibly. 

Didn't make it to the event? Is this post the cause of your #FOMO? Well, no worries! euphoria has an entire weekend coming up in September with tons of food, drinks, music, and fun! If you're not sure which events you want to attend, I've linked my personal favorites below along with the ones I'm attending! Hope to see you there!!

Greenville Kick-Off Party - hosted on Thursday night featuring all your local Greenville favorites. 

Taste of the South - Friday night with music by none other than Edwin McCain! Lots of amazing food and drinks outside in the Peace Center Amphitheater. I'll be there with my lighter swaying to 'I'll Be.'

SIP Pass - includes Feast by the Field - Saturday afternoon event complete with a beer garden and cooking demos; and a new event, The Big Easy Bash, a New Orleans party featuring a jazz band, booze and lots of bites. Catch me in the Beer Garden and then by the bar.

Sunday Brunch Fired Up! - a wonderful BBQ brunch featuring 8 pitmasters, bloody marys and mimosas, and a kids cooking competition. I'll be the one sipping on a bloody mary in the corner trying to ease my hangover from The Big Easy Bash. Say hello only if you have aspirin.