euphoria 2017

Another epic euphoria weekend has come and gone, leaving all who attended feeling tired, hungover, in desperate need of a sweaty gym sesh, and with pants that are a little too tight. Y'all feel me? I still feel like I'm in recovery mode even weeks later.

I was very lucky to get to attend some amazing euphoria events this year, meet some fabulous new friends, and chow down on some amazing food! Check out my amazing weekend below!

Songwriter's Recipe - This event was an unexpected surprise. On Thursday evening, I was feeling a little tired because I'm getting old now and like to be in bed by 10:00 pm if at all possible. But I got hold of some last minute tickets so I took my mama (mostly because all my friends were busy, but shhhh don't tell her that! She thinks I'm the coolest daughter right now...). The food and drinks were amazing as expected but I was pleasantly surprised at how funny and entertaining the songwriters were. I enjoyed hearing the stories behind some of my favorite country songs. It was the perfect evening of eating, sipping, and singing. Don't let this event pass you by next year! It was one of my favorites of the weekend. [Pictured below - Braised Beef Short Ribs by Chef Amy Fortes, Street Taco by Good Life Catering]

Taste of the South - This was my second year attending Taste of the South and it did not disappoint. It was an extra special evening because our hometown star, Edwin McCain was performing. As I told anyone who would listen, his dad was my doctor growing up, so we are basically family - totally makes sense in my head. I may have also snuck backstage after his show to say hi. (But actually I totally did that - thank you rose/liquid courage) The food and drinks were outstanding and the entertainment flawless - even though he didn't sing my favorite song - but I'll let that slide this time, Edwin! It was the perfect Friday night. [Pictured: Ribeye Steak with Cranberry Potatoes and Foraged Mushroom Sauce from Chef Clark Barlowe | Shrimp with Sugar Baby Melon & Currant Tomato from Chef Erik Neil | Guava Lemonade by Liquid Catering | A gorgeous & tasty dessert that I totally forget to cite | Shrimp & Mussel Escabeche from Chef Spencer Gomez | Beef Tataki from Chef Amalia Scatena]

Feast by the Field - Luckily my new puppy knew her mama had a little rose hangover, so she let me sleep in on Saturday. But the Feast by the Field was calling my name, so I settled for a little 'hair of the dog' to power through. This was my first time attending this event, and I had a blast! There was a ton of delicious food, but let's be honest, at this event, the drinks are the star of the show. I ate and drank to my little heart's content and then went home for a 4.5 hour power nap (a.k.a. coma). [Pictured below: pimento cheese | Damn Yankee | Duck Confit Braised Collards from The Bistro at Topsail | Sweet Potato Cupcakes]

Big Easy Bash - Shaking off the sleep from earlier in the day, I headed out to the Big Easy Bash. And bash this was! With the Soda City Brass Band rocking and the drinks flowing, it was one hell of a party. And the food... oh my gosh the food. Who doesn't love a full table of Low Country Boil? And beignets? It was truly a New Orleans affair.

Fired Up! Sunday Brunch - There's nothing better after a late night out than a Bloody Mary (or Mimosa, or 3) and loads and loads of BBQ. Sunday Brunch brought out the pitmasters and culinary superstars - and their best bites, of course. It was a wonderful morning of eating and watching some cute tiny humans cook with Michelin star chefs. I mean, if there's a better way to spend a Sunday, I haven't figured it out yet. [Pictured below: Pork Rack al Pastor with Peppers by Chef Scott Hollingsworth | Deviled Eggs by Kiawah Island Gold Resort | Shrimp & Grits by Home Team BBQ | Chicken Wings & Waffles | Smoked Beef Short Tribs, Sausage with Hatch Green Chili BBQ sauce by Lewis Barbecue | the largest bottle of rose I've ever seen]

My second euphoria experience was one for the books... even if I didn't succeed in my mission to make Curtis Duffy fall in love with me. But we can't have it all, folks. And of course, there is always next year!