Let's Taco Bout It - Automatic Taco

One of the things I was worried about with my move back down south was lunch. 

'Christen... lunch? Really? You're ridiculous.'

Yes, I'm aware that I'm ridiculous. That's nothing new. But here's the 'ish. New York has a crazy amount lunch options. I could walk out of my office building and have a choice of Korean fried chicken, a massive Italian sub, Peruvian roasted pork with crack sauce, Greek gyros, Jamaican jerk chicken, New York style pizza, or grilled hot dogs with papaya juice (to name just a few) within a 4 block radius. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. It would take me an hour just to decide what I wanted to eat on any given day. 

So what was I going to find down in Greenville, SC? I knew there were new restaurants popping up all over downtown. But could they satisfy my need for options? 

Greenville, girl, you gone and done it! Luckily for me, Euphoria Greenville had their Food Truck Pile Up every Wednesday right down the block from my office. Each menu looked awesome, but for my first venture, I went with Automatic Taco.

Automatic Taco is a mobile taqueria serving a variety of seasonal, delicious tacos. While all of the menu items looked great, I went with their G-Vegas Hot Chicken Taco, Veggie Taco, Papas Fritas, and a side of Crispy Brussels Sprouts because...health. 

These are not your mama's gross, boiled Brussels Sprouts (sorry Mom!). They are crisped to perfection and topped with a tangy sauce, cotija cheese, and pickled onions. They were seriously amazing, and I could have killed another side, no problem.

  Automatic Taco's Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Automatic Taco's Crispy Brussels Sprouts

The Papas Fritas were also covered in that tangy sauce and were fried to golden deliciousness. These are definitely a solid addition to their taco game.

  Automatic Taco's Papas Fritas

Automatic Taco's Papas Fritas

Next up was the Veggie Taco. This taco was packed with potatoes, black beans, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, pickled onions, cotija cheese and a tangy sauce. While I consider myself a total carnivore, this taco definitely held its own and made me feel less guilty for ordering the next taco.

The G-Vegas Hot Chicken Taco was last up. This baby was loaded with crispy hot chicken, crema, and sweet pickles. The fried chicken had just the right amount of heat to it which the sweet pickles and sauce helped cut through. Definitely a solid choice.

  Automatic Taco   Veggie Taco   G-Vegas Hot Chicken Taco

Automatic Taco
Veggie Taco
G-Vegas Hot Chicken Taco


This lunch trip made me feel a lot more optimistic about my food options in Greenville. I don't see any sad desk lunches in my future!